Bolton Gymnastics

Recreational Programs

Bolton Gymnastics offers programs for girls and boys from two years of age and older.

Each child will progress at their own ability.

Rules of the Gym

  • Children should arrive on time.
  • ONLY Coaches and Registered Students are allowed in the gym.
    • Parent & Tot: one parent per registered student is permitted in the gym area
    • Parent & Tot: no unsupervised siblings are permitted in the gym area
  • Proper gym attire must be worn.
  • All hair lengths must be tied back.
  • No jewellery is to be worn in the gym.
  • No food or gum is allowed in the gym.
  • Only WATER in water bottles is allowed in the gym
  • NO student or parent is allowed in the gym area or on any equipment unless they are supervised or instructed by a coach.
  • Gymnasts must wait in the viewing area for their coach before entering the gym.
  • Parents may watch from the viewing area ONLY.
  • Our club is a nut free zone, if your child has been in contact with nuts please be sure they wash their hands before entering the gym.
  • The use of cameras or video equipment is PROHIBITED..
    • To respect the privacy of all of our students, NO photos or video recording of students is permitted during class.
    • Staff are instructed to ask individuals to stop taking images.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

Ten reasons why your child can benefit from being a gymnast!
  1. Gymnastics is the foundation for all sports and activities.
  2. Gymnastics develops a life long love and ability for fitness.
  3. Gymnastics develops grace and coordination.
  4. Gymnastics teaches kinesthetic awareness.
  5. Gymnastics teaches children to take turns.
  6. Gymnastics teaches courage and how to cope with things that scare you.
  7. Gymnastics creates friendships.
  8. Gymnastics stresses incremental improvement.
  9. Gymnastics helps kids to learn to take feedback and constructive criticism.
  10. But most important; Gymnastics is FUN!